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Programme Schedule :

6-10am Steve Orchard
10am - 2pm Sean Dunderdale
2-6pm John Tolson

6-10am Martin Samuels
10-2 Ellie Codling
2-6: Alex Brown

Steve Orchard (weekdays 6-10am)
Veteran (he hates that) presenter Steve Orchard has worked at various stations in the Lincs FM group since 2003.
Steve's one claim to fame is that he was in the same class at school (some considerable time ago) as ABC's Martin Fry and will remind us of it every time he plays an ABC song on Suffolk First! He has a love of travelling, especially to the USA, having fallen in love with New York City a couple of years ago, but always likes to come home and see what damage the children have done to the house (a regular occurrence!). Steve started his radio career on hospital radio hundreds of years ago, back in the 7" vinyl days, and met his wife, the lovely Anne, there too - aaahh!
Steve has his own pilots licence and if you look up you might well see him some weekends in the skies above Suffolk, showing off the county to his friends and relatives.

Sean Dunderdale (weekdays 10-2pm)
At the age of 16 one of Sean's first radio acts was to help co-present the Country Music show on his local Hospital Radio.  He tells us :"It was presented by the dad of the person I was dating at the time, so I showed an interest to try to get him onside!"  It didn't take long for him to become a convert, and would regularly be seen as a teenager attending various events in his local area - with acts such as Sarah Jory and The Daltons (parents of actress Sheridan Smith) performing. Sean remains an active part of the national Hospital Broadcasting Association, producing the HBA's annual Awards Ceremony - an event he's hoping one day to bring to Suffolk.
He also presents our Sunday Farming Programming and our Suffolk Farming Daily reports. The Farming Programme he produces for sister station Lincs FM recently won the Commercial Radio/Arqiva Gold Award for Best Specialist Programme.  Sean has also recently been named Gold Award Winner in the IRN News awards, for his commitment to commercial radio journalism.

John Tolson (weekdays 2-6pm)
John has been with the Lincs FM Group since 1999 and was, for a time, the presenter of the group's Essential Country show - playing the best of Country Music through the decades (why does that sound familiar?)  He's a firm Country Music fan and is our font of knowledge when it comes to the great music we play on Suffolk First.  He's also passionate about creating truly local radio and is excited about getting his teeth in to whats happening across Suffolk.


Martin Samuels (weekends 6-10am)
Martin was born in the year of the hot summer of 1976 and after leaving school found himself to be 
extremely good at running bars and restaurants.  It was at this point he realised he had a real passion for talking "and we still can't shut him up".
He embarked on his media career after waving goodbye to pulling pints, joining his local Hospital Radio Station where he learned the key skills of Broadcasting. Aside from hearing him on the air his day job is working in Television and Video Production and his claim to fame is that his Grandparents worked on stage with 2 of TVs legends that were Laurel and Hardy. Martin has a keen interest in Aviation (plane geek) and Motorsport and is married to Claire and is Dad to Finlay, Toby, Florence and Jade.

Ellie Codling (weekends 10-2pm)
Ellie has always had a love of radio and when she told her parents she wanted to study media at college they were dubious as to whether she would ever have a career.  12 years later and Ellie is still working in commercial radio and loves it as much today as she did on day one.   She has a love of music and gig nights, whether in small venues or big stadiums.  Once an active member of Young Farmers, she once won National Senior Member of the year, you can also hear her hosting the Farming Programme when Sean takes a break.

Alex Brown  (weekend 2-6pm)
Alex is originally from Reading - but we won't hold that against him! He's been involved in Community Radio for the last 4 years. He loves music with a passion. When he's not listening to music (which is most of the time!) he likes a little bit of TV including "House of Cards", "The Walking Dead", "Breaking Bad" and... "How I Met Your Mother"- He know's - it's his guilty pleasure!